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  • November 26, 2014

MPPs to Debate MPP Colle's Bill 24, Prohibiting Driving with Unlawful Handguns Act

Tomorrow - Thursday, November 27th - my Private Members Bill, #24, Prohibiting Driving with Unlawful Handguns Act, will recieve its Second Reading debate in the Ontario Legislature.

Over the years I have been fighting to get illegal handguns off our streets and out of our communities. In Eglinton-Lawrence, and across the GTA, there have been numerous shootings over the years. On July 19th, 2014, a 31 year old teacher, Abshir Hassan was killed and two others were injured in the Allen & Lawrence area. On April 12th, 2014, Andrea White, a 44 year old Scarborough mother of four was killed in a tragic drive-by shooting.

If passed, Bill 24 would allow police officers who have reasonable and probable grounds that a person has an unlawful handgun within their vehicle the authority to immediately suspend a person's driver's license and have their vehicle impounded for 7 days.

This Bill would also make it a Provincial offence to drive a vehicle in which there is an unlawful handgun. In addition to the suspension and impounding of the vehicle, the penalties for this offence would be a fine up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment of not more than 6 months AND driver's license suspension for those convicted. 

Bill 24 does not apply to anyone who has a legal right to carry and possess a handgun.

I need your support to get this passed and to help protect innocent citizens.

Please show your support for Bill 24 by:

- Sending a letter of support to either myself or your local MPP

- Getting friends, family, and co-workers to sign the petition below


Pdf icon Bill 24 Press Release Pdf icon Bill 24 Petition

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