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  • November 27, 2014

Bill 24 Passes Second Reading (Prohibiting Driving with Unlawful Handguns Act, 2014)

The bill has now been referred on to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy

For Immediate Release

November 27, 2014

Bill 24: Prohibiting Driving with Unlawful Handguns Act, Passes Second Reading

QUEEN’S PARK – This afternoon, the Ontario Legislature passed second reading of MPP Mike Colle’s private members’ bill, Bill 24: Prohibiting Driving with Unlawful Handguns Act. The bill has now been referred on to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy.

If passed, this Bill, would allow police officers who have reasonable and probable grounds that a person has an unlawful handgun within their vehicle the authority to immediately suspend a person’s driver’s license and have their vehicle impounded for 7 days.  

In addition to the suspension and impounding of the vehicle, the penalties for driving with an unlawful handgun would be a fine of up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment of not more than 6 months AND driver’s license suspension for those convicted. Bill 24 would not apply to anyone who has a legal right to carry and possess a handgun.

Bill 24 has received support from the community and organizations including the Police Association of Ontario, Toronto Police Association, Toronto Crime Stoppers, and the Crime Prevention Association of Ontario, London Police Association, Ottawa Police Association, Peel Regional Police Association, Peterborough Police Association.

While the Federal government has jurisdiction over handgun ownership, the Province has jurisdiction over transportation, road safety and motor-vehicle licensing. Bill 24 would assist our front line police officers by providing them additional tools – including direct penalties – to take unlawful guns off our streets and make our communities safer.  


Further information contact:

Dustin Cohen, Office of MPP Mike Colle

Tel: 416-325-1404 / Cell: 647-523-3159


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