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  • November 29, 2012

Postal Station K has been sold

    Despite 10,000 petition signatures, and the work of many concerned community groups and volunteers over the past months, Canada Post announced on November 9th 2012 that Postal Station K has been sold to a private developer. This sale took place days after I met with a small group of residents and a Canada Post spokesperson. The sale includes no guarantee that the developer will protect the integrity of this historic building. The site where Montgomery's Tavern, the starting point of William Lyon Mackenzie's Upper Canada Rebellion in 1837, could now become the grounds for a condominium.

    I am most disappointed that Canada Post held virtually no public community consultation regarding the sale, and that a valuable space that could have expanded community services like the Anne Johnson Health Center has been sold to a private developer.

    Now that the building has been sold, a next step could be for the City to move to have Postal Station K designated by the Heritage Preservation Board.

    I will keep you updated as the situation progresses.

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