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  • February 27, 2018

Thank You for Helping Save the Columbus Centre

TCDSB votes not to proceed with redevelopment of historic Italian-Canadian centre

At the Toronto Catholic School Board meeting of Feb. 22, 2018, the Board officially voted to not proceed with redevelopment of the historic Columbus Centre as planned in partnership with Villa Charities Inc., which operates the centre. This is a mjaor step forward in securing the future of the Centre for Eglinton-Lawrence and all Torontonians.

Thank you to everyone who dedicated their time and energy to help save the Columbus Centre from redevelopment. Your efforts were essential to protecting the heart of Toronto's Italian-Canadian community, a beloved green urban oasis, and an important communicty facility for Eglinton-Lawrence, and we couldn't have done it without you. The voice of the community has been heard and respected because of your hard work and dedication.

For more on the background to the redvelopment and MPP Colle's work to save the Centre, please see the below Toronto Star article:


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