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  • April 21, 2011

MPP Colle Celebrates Passover in the Ontario Legislature

On Wednesday, April 20th, 2011, I made a statement in the Ontario Legislature to honour the celebration of Passover. In this statement, I shared what my friend and constituent, Monty Mazin, had to share with Ontarians on what Passover means to him. For a copy of my statement, please see below. Thank you to Monty for his meanigful words, and to all of my friends, Chag Sameach.


Wednesday 20 April 2011


Mr. Mike Colle:  I rise today in celebration of Passover, known to the Jewish community as Pesach. I've asked a constituent of mine, Monty Mazin, who resides at the Reuben Cipin centre at Baycrest, to share with all Ontarians what Passover means to him.

Monty Mazin is an extraordinary Ontarian who's known as the king of the kettles for all the money he raises for the Salvation Army every year in their kettle campaign. Monty has won many volunteer awards, including the Governor General's Caring Canadian Award. Here's Monty, in his own words:

"For me, personally, the meaning of Passover is liberation and freedom, and this was taught to me since childhood by a very wise grandmother, my bubbe Bessie, an Orthodox Jew and a social activist, who put her prayers into practice. She has been my role model throughout my lifetime of service as a community volunteer.

"Today, at the age of 84, as I sit at the Seder table and joyously celebrate with family and friends, I am reminded of the importance Passover places on conveying the story and meaning to the next generation.

"For it is the children's role to ask the four questions (written in the Haggadah), and it is our role as adults to impress upon them the significance of the answers. For we understand fully what our children do not: that the future of the Jewish people lies with them.

"In this way, each new generation can take its place in the chain of the Jewish people leading down from Exodus to the present."

The uniqueness of Passover is also encapsulated in the following passage: "In every generation, each person should feel as though he or she were redeemed from Egypt, and it is said: 'You shall tell your children on that day, "It is because of what the Lord did for me when I went free out of Egypt." For the Holy One redeemed not only our ancestors; he redeemed us with them.'"

I want to wish everyone a happy Passover. Chag Sameach to everyone.

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