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  • April 14, 2011

MPP Speaks Up Against Intolerance and Hatred

On Wednesday, April 13, 2011, I stood up in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and spoke up against hate crimes in Ontario and across Canada. A video link of my statement, as well as the transcript from Hansard is available below for your review. Please pass on to your friends. Thank you.



Wednesday 13 April 2011



Mr. Mike Colle: B'nai Brith Canada recently published its 2010 audit of anti-Semitic incidents. The audit found that complaints of anti-Semitic violence, harassment and intimidation increased by 3% in Canada from the previous year.

All Ontarians have the right to live in a province free from discrimination, racism, intolerance and hate. Here in Ontario, we are committed to fighting discrimination in all forms. That's why I'm pleased that Ontario has taken action to fight anti-Semitism and hate crimes.

We've provided funding to B'nai Brith Canada in the past to support their efforts to strengthen networks, share information among victims' groups, educators and the media, victim service providers and members of the criminal justice system.

To address hate in all its forms, we have expanded Ontario's hate crime extremism investigative team. In addition, Ontario has a team of crown attorneys specially trained in hate crime legislation.

The Attorney General has also committed to ensuring that hate crime requests are brought to him for consideration and decided upon within 60 days so that charges can be laid.

We have also have passed a new law to make it easier for victims of hate crimes to sue offenders for damages resulting from emotional distress and bodily harm arising from the distress.

As MPPs, we have a responsibility to speak out against discrimination and to fight intolerance. As the representative of the riding of Eglinton–Lawrence, I stand up on behalf of my constituents to speak up against intolerance and hatred in all of our communities. I stand proud to be a member of the McGuinty government that stands with our Jewish community, and all communities, to fight anti-Semitism and hatred and to build an inclusive society where everyone in Ontario can live with dignity and respect.

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