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  • November 30, 2010

Put the Bedbug Plan in Play, Now

Below please find the second part of the article posted yesterday, which reviews the bed Bug Recommendations I released last week.

Let us finish our look at Mike Colle's 20-point plan to fight bedbugs. Yesterday, we examined the first eight points.

I am itching to finish.

9. The bedbug plan notes a need for provincial co-ordination. In other words we need an overseer, a coordinator, someone in charge. Why? Because somebody has to make sure all dogs pull as one.

Perhaps we should second Toronto's Medical Officer of Health. Dr. David McKeown certainly understands the problem, and I suspect he has a sufficient grasp of the competing bureaucracies, although his reluctance to declare bedbugs a public heath hazard has some of us scratching our heads.

Your thoughts?

10. The plan would set up a partnership with the private sector, to get mattress covers and so on to people who need them.

I suppose that's the ideology of the day; public-private partnerships are a way to ease the tax burden.

I will hold my nose and take what I can get.

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