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  • November 29, 2010

Fighting Bedbugs on our Sofas, in our Moving Vans

Below please find the latest review of my Top 20 Recommendations to the province of Ontario to Combat, Control and Contain Bed Bug infestations.

1. The plan calls for a province-wide program of public education so that everyone can help identify, prevent and control the problem of bedbugs.

Why is this apt?

I once spoke with the head of a hospital who was unable to describe what a bedbug looked like; remember, this man is a senior health official, and he did not know and could not accurately describe what a bedbug looked like.

The plan would include education in schools, on public transit, in housing, hotels and so on.

Also it would provide a hotline where people might find quick answers to urgent questions.

Click on the following link fo the full article:

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