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  • June 18, 2010

Working Towards a Comprehensive Strategy to Fight Bed Bugs

I recently introduced a Private Members' Bill, Bill 94 – The Renters' Right to Know Act. My goal in introducing this Bill, was to make Ontarians aware of the issue of Bed Bugs, and to encourage Ontarians to join together and work towards a comprehensive strategy to combat Bed Bugs within our communities.

In just a few short weeks since I have introduced my Bill, I have received a great deal of feedback which has demonstrated to me that we must work together in order to develop a plan that will work.

It is my hope that following the Summer months, we will be able to bring together all stakeholders involved (Ontario's Ministry of Health, Toronto Community Housing, Landlord Associations, Tenant Groups, Pest Control Experts, and local boards of Health, such as Toronto, Peel Region, and other municipalities across the Province), to come up with a comprehensive plan that will deal with Prevention, Education, and Extermination.

Bed Bugs do not have borders. They do not exist solely in the City of Toronto. They affect residents from cities all across Ontario, and therefore we need a Province-wide approach to help combat Bed Bugs.

If you would like to help us work towards a plan, or would like to receive future updates on this issue, please email me at Send me your ideas, comments or suggestions, or simply sign up to receive updates as we work together to fight Bed Bugs.

Thank you to all who have provided support for this initiative. Let's work together to fight Bed Bugs and protect Ontarians from the devastation they can cause to all who are affected. Thank you.

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