Fair Drug Prices for Ontarians

Lower Drug Prices: The Right Thing for Eglinton-Lawrence

Residents of Eglinton-Lawrence want drug prices to come down. For seniors, parents of young children and those with ongoing health challenges it's a question of basic fairness. Why should Ontario pay as much as five times more for the very same generic drugs than our neighbours in some U.S. states? Yet that's exactly what has been happening for years.

Our government is moving to fix this problem by bringing down the cost of generic drugs by at least 50 per cent. This will mean real savings for patients who use the Ontario Drug Benefit Program, those whose drugs are paid for by employer benefit programs and, of course, those who must pay out of pocket.

It also means we'll be able to increase direct payments to pharmacies for dispensing drugs and providing a number of valued services to patients. In addition, we're going to provide extra funding to pharmacies in rural and underserviced areas — as much as $4 more for every prescription they fill.

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