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  • March 29, 2010

Eglinton Rapid Transit - A Better Way for Eglinton

Light rail promises to reviatalize Eglinton

The Eglinton Rapid Transit will:
  • Travel along Eglinton Avenue (from Kennedy Station in the East, to Pearson Airport in the West)
  • Travel underground between Weston Road and Laird Drive
  • Travel above ground from Weston Road toward the Airport in the West,and from Laird Drive toward Kennedy Station in the East

Why Rapid Transit on Eglinton?
  • To get you to your destination 30-60% faster
  • To reduce gridlock and pollution, while creating Green jobs
  • To increase passenger capacity along Eglinton Avenue
  • To revitalize Eglinton Avenue

Positive Results from Eglinton Rapid Transit:
  • 10,000 Green jobs created in construction, engineering, and Public Transit
  • Boost for neighbourhood improvement, affordable housing and small business
  • Fast, reliable, totally accessible transit
  • Low Floor Vehicles without steps make it Accessible to Seniors and the Disabled
  • Smooth connections for commuters to other transit routes such as the Yonge and University-Spadina subway lines
  • Revitalization of Eglinton Avenue
  • Promoting local business, and increasing property values for current retailers and homeowners

What is Light Rail Rapid Transit?
  • It is an electric railway system able to operate short trains along the surface level or underground, allowing passengers to board trains at track level
  • Its route is approximately 33 KM in length, travelling between Scarborough and Pearson Airport
  • It is run with Low Floor Vehicles without Steps

Support Clean Electric Public Transit and Good Green Jobs:

You can help improve Eglinton Avenue by being a Friend of the Eglinton LRT.

To find out how, or if you have any questions, call 416-781-2395 or email

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