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  • April 15, 2010

M.P.P. Mike Colle Introduces Bill to Suspend Liquor Licenses of Bars with Guns

M.P.P. Mike Colle, Eglinton-Lawrence, introduced a Private members' Bill Bill 238: The Liquor Licence Amendment Act (Unlawful Weapons in Bars)

On December 10th, 2009 in the Ontario Legislature, where it passed first reading. If passed into law, this Bill would amend the Liquor Licence Act, adding a new requirement that would allow for the suspension of a liquor licence, if unlawful weapons are found by police on the premises of a licensed establishment.

"Our police need more tools to get guns out of our communities", said MPP Colle.

If passed, this Bill would contain the following components:

  • It would add a new requirement that an applicant for a licence to sell liquor demonstrate that he/she is able to take reasonable steps to prevent the presence of unlawful weapons on the premises in respect of which the licence is sought
  • Failure to meet the new requirement would become one of the grounds to suspend or revoke a licence to sell liquor
  • The Bill provides for a mandatory interim suspension of the licence, that can last a maximum of 15 days
  • A proposal to suspend or revoke a licence on the new ground can only be carried out if the Board finds that an unlawful weapon was present on the premises

M.P.P. Colle has seen six of his Private Members' Bills adopted into law, including Bill 210, which was a result of his tireless efforts to protect vulnerable caregivers in Ontario, which began with the introduction of his Private Members' Bill, Bill 160: Caregiver and Foreign Worker Recruitment and Protection Act, 2009. M.P.P. Colle is very optimistic that today's Bill will also become law, given the destructive impact gun crime is having in our neighbourhoods.

For additional information on this bill, please contact:

Office of Mike Colle,

M.P.P. Eglinton-Lawrence

Tel: 416-325-4091


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