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Bill 66: Unlawful Handguns in Vehicles Act, 2013

If passed, would give police the power to impound vehicles & suspend licenses of drivers who are found to have illegal handguns in their cars

On May 7, M.P.P. Mike Colle (Eglinton-Lawrence) introduced a Private Members’ Bill, the Unlawful Handguns in Vehicles Act, 2013. If passed, this bill would give police officers the power to impound the car and suspend the driver’s license of drivers found to have an illegal handgun in their vehicle. 

While the Federal government has jurisdiction over the ownership of firearms, the Provincial government has jurisdiction over road safety and motor vehicle licensing. By adding direct penalties for individuals caught with unlawful handguns in motor vehicles, the Province has the ability to enhance public safety. The Unlawful Handguns in Vehicles Act, 2013 is modelled on the anti stunt racing provision of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

“Smuggled guns are flooding across our borders and onto our streets endangering the lives of ordinary citizens and front line police officers. We need to impose more penalties on these gunmen who drive around our communities with little consequence” said M.P.P. Colle.

The Unlawful Handguns in Vehicles Act is being introduced for the second time, given the number of tragic drive by shootings, including two recently in the Yorkdale area. 

The call for stronger penalties for having guns in cars has wide support from our police forces and community members:

“This bill is in the best interest of public safety and will directly support front line professional police officers working to keep our communities safe. Anyone with an illegal handgun should be stopped in his or her tracks.” -David Mcfadden, President, Police Association of Ontario

“The members of the Toronto Police Association see firsthand the devastating impact firearms, especially handguns, have on the citizens of Ontario. Our association fully supports your laudable efforts to provide another tool to assist officers in fighting the proliferation of gun crime in our communities.” – Mike McCormack, President, Toronto Police Association

"The implementation of this Bill would enable the Province to play a significant role in the battle to eliminate the proliferation of illegal handguns." - Gary Grant, Chair, Toronto Crime Stoppers


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