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MPPs to Debate MPP Colle's Bill 24, Prohibiting Driving with Unlawful Handguns Act

MPP Calls for Task Force to Investigate Home Construction Site Deaths

North Toronto Post September Issue "Say No to Grey Skies on Eglinton"

4th Annual Marlee Ville Festival!

MPP Introduced Bill to Impound Cars with Unlawful Handguns in Cars

Fighting Poverty and Income Inequality Townhall April 28

Jewish Heritage Month Ontario 2014

Colle presses for tidy workspace while Eglinton Crosstown Line is built

Bill to Improve Sickle Cell and Thalassemia Care in Ontario

Mike Colle Community Directory 2014

Black History Month Event: Celebrating Our Caribbean Heritage

Keeping You Brain Healthy: Eating Right and Volunteering Event at Baycrest

Bill 127: Protecting Ontarians from Genetic Discrimination

Bill 100: Giving New Drivers a 'First Chance Discount' & a Break for People in Minor Accidents

Minor Accidents and New Drivers "First Chance" Discount Act introduced on Sep. 18

2013 Pasta Fagioli Festa & BBQ

Thank you to all the volunteers!

Bill 66: Unlawful Handguns in Vehicles Act, 2013

If passed, would give police the power to impound vehicles & suspend licenses of drivers who are found to have illegal handguns in their cars

2013 Jewish Heritage Month Opening Celebration

Keynote Speaker Dr. Irving Abella at the Lipa Green Centre

May is Jewish Heritage Month!

Crosstown: Eglinton’s big dig ends 30-year wait for renewal (Toronto Star)

Residents and businesses have been waiting years for rapid transit to give Eglinton a badly needed lift, ever since the original subway was cancelled in 1995.

Black History Month 2013 in Eglinton-Lawrence

Learning about the History of Black Music

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